Again this year, we are offering a Missions Monday on Monday, November 11, that will feature missions-focused breakout sessions and an evening service challenging the Church about its future, with Matt Thornhill and Alia Abboud.

There will also be a Fellowship Dinner offered onsite before the evening program. The deadline for dinner reservations has passed. There may be limited space still available at the door, but no guaranteed entry for walk-ins. Thank you for your understanding.

Tentative Schedule

3:00 p.m. – Missions Monday Breakout Session I / Disaster Response Training
4:15 p.m. – Missions Monday Breakout Session II / Disaster Response Training
5:30 p.m. – Dinner offered at Bonsack Baptist Church
7:00 p.m. – Gathering I challenging the Church about its future, featuring Matt Thornhill and Alia Abboud

Evening Program

So, what does the future of the church look like?  What if something suddenly happened that completely upended the community in which your church resides and threw it into chaos for years?  How would your church respond?  By contrast, what might happen in your church if you began careful, mindful planning today for the significant shifts in demographics and culture that are just around the corner?  Join us as we wrestle with these scenarios and prepare ourselves for our future church.

Disaster Response Training

Introduction to Disaster Response
(3:00-5:15 p.m. at Bonsack Baptist Church)
Local disasters happen all around us every day.  And, large scale disasters seem to be a mainstay in the regular news cycle.  Do you watch these stories and wonder how you can assist?  Do you feel a “nudge” to want to do something but don’t know how to respond?  Come join us during this extended seminar time and throw your name in the hat to respond the next time a disaster strikes.  This event is basically a “live version” of our online training and, once completed, you will be placed on our official “call out” list which will give you opportunity to respond with others in order to bring healing and hope to those affected by disaster.  This seminar requires advance registration and there is a fee of $25 for those training for the first time.  If you have received training within the last three years and are attending in order to recertify then the fee is waived.

Missions Monday Breakout Sessions

focus:refugees in Lebanon: Responding to the needs of the most vulnerable
In a country where a third of its population are refugees, it seems impossible that a small family of Baptist churches could make an impact. But God likes to take small things and make immeasurably more than we can imagine.   Come hear how a family of churches with limited resources is holistically addressing the reality of its community. They are extremely active in their communities and taking bold actions for the Kingdom of God.
led by Alia Abboud, Director of Development and Public Relations for the Lebanese Society for Education and Development

focus:refugees in Virginia: Loving your neighbor and strengthening the community
All across the Commonwealth there are people who are sharing life with the vulnerable people in their communities. ReEstablish Richmond is a non-profit that helps “refugees establish roots, build community, and become self-sufficient”.   We will share how Virginia Baptists can put their love into action by supporting this organization or create their own ministry.   It is an effective way to “love your neighbor” and make a Kingdom difference in the community.
led by Kate Ayers, Executive Director of ReEstablish Richmond

Tradition + Innovation = Fresh Expressions of Church
We need each other. That’s what the Apostle Paul meant when he said that we are one body and many parts. This one body, like the body of Christ is poured out for the sake of world. How do we embrace our history and tradition as the body of Christ while pouring ourselves out for those right outside our doorstep who don’t know that the body of Christ is what they’re looking for? Come and learn how fresh expressions of church can help your church to reach people your church wouldn’t otherwise reach!
led by Gannon Sims, Director of Ministry Formation for Fresh Expressions US

Following the Spirit into His Mission
The landscape of the church in North America looks more different than it ever has.  As leaders are asking questions of the future in their own context, we cannot lose the importance that multiplication plays—not just as a thought for tomorrow, but rather, the fuel for today.  Though our multiplication efforts must look different than yesteryear, the Spirit is moving. We must learn how to follow into His Mission.
led by Michael Pumphrey, Coordinator and Missional Coach for V3

Status of the Global Church
While there are many parts of the world where Christianity is suffering and losing ground, that does not seem to represent the majority of what is happening in the world.  The church is growing by leaps and bounds in many areas of the world.  Come and hear stories about this growth and how we might be able to capitalize on that growth for the sake of our own corner of the globe.
led by Elijah Brown, General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance

Future Thinking About the Church
Demographics and other key indicators and trends are pretty clear and will play significant roles in the make-up of the church in the very near future.  But, many church leaders and others don’t seem to have a clear picture of how to move forward.  Come and hear how these current and future trends will no doubt shape the future of our churches.
led by Matt Thornhill, Futurist and Managing Partner with the INSTITUTE FOR TOMORROW®

Food Deserts Across Virginia
Virginia has its share of poverty and hunger which are being addressed in many ways.  One of the newer ways is to create affordable, healthy, profitable grocery stores in the Commonwealth’s “food deserts”.  Come and hear about The Market at 25th, a grocery store in the heart of downtown Richmond and how it is working to change the face of hunger in the region.  What other ways might we as a BGAV address hunger in our state?
led by Norm Gold,  long-time grocery store executive and former Director at FeedMore

Being the Church in Your Community
Hear more about Mountain View Church, which has partnered with local government and other organizations to open a ministry center to serve the community as a crisis intervention/drug rehab facility.