Have questions about this year's meeting? look no further!

Read below for answers to some of the most popular questions
our attendees have about how this year's meeting will work.

For the safety and health of our staff and attendees, all parts of this year’s annual meeting will be held virtually. But have no fear – all attendees will still be able to attend online breakout sessions, be inspired by our special guests during two main session times, and participate in the business session as we would during any normal year.

Yes, we will conduct essential business during this year’s meeting with messengers being able to vote online. 

This year’s voting will occur Wednesday morning via an online platform. All messengers who wish to vote will need to have individual access to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop in order to participate. Please plan accordingly – we know this may cause issues for some but it is necessary given the nature of this year’s meeting and ensuring that every messenger’s vote counts. There will be additional instructions posted in a video tutorial soon.

Of course! One of the main draws of our annual meeting is the breakout session offerings for all attendees. This year we will offer a number of breakout sessions over the course of both days – Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Check the website soon for more information on breakout session topics.

Our guest speaker for this year is the Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, senior pastor of Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA, and member of the board of the John Leland Center for Theological Studies.

We will also enjoy worship – including an original song written exclusively for our meeting – with special guest Kate Campbell.

While we know you miss visiting with our wonderful exhibitors face to face, this year’s meeting will still offer you a chance to learn more about many of BGAV’s ministries, partner organizations, and other ministry relationships via a virtual ministry fair. Be sure to “visit” each virtual booth for information and resources shared directly by our exhibiting organizations and sponsors. The virtual ministry fair will open online October 15.

The BGAV is dedicated to providing access to everyone wishing to view this year’s meeting. Recorded versions of the meeting will be available for those who may not be able to view the meeting live. Call 800.255.2428 or email annualmeeting@bgav.org for details.

We welcome you to attend the meeting however you would like, although we recommend following the latest safety guidelines related to group gatherings. Please be sure all members of your “watch party” have registered so we have an accurate count of attendees, and all messengers must be registered and accounted for in order to vote during the business session.

Registration is now open for all attendees. Churches should receive messenger information – including their login and password for registering messengers – in the mail at the end of September. This information has also been emailed to churches for whom we have a current email address. If you would like to update your church’s email address/contact information, please complete this form.

Because of the technicalities surrounding online voting and making sure all messengers have registered prior to the business session Wednesday morning, messenger registration will close Tuesday, November 9, at 7:30 p.m. EST. There is no registration deadline for guests.

All elected messengers must register using the login and password provided to their church. Check with your church secretary/clerk for this information, or have them register on your behalf. Please use each messenger’s individual email address when registering  for important follow-up information regarding messenger voting. All are welcome to register as guests without any login information necessary. Visit the Registration page for more information and to register online.

Please register anyway! All attendees will have on-demand access to all aspects of this year’s meeting, even after it has occurred. That means you can watch all main sessions, worship, business, and breakout sessions when you want, as many times as you want! Registering for the meeting means that you’ll be the first to know when that content is available for viewing. Visit the Registration page for more information and to register online.