Daily Prayer

November 6


Berklee Trotter

Lord, reset my mind to think like you, so I can stop doing what I do? I know that actions start with a thought so reset my thinking to better my heart.

Lord, reset my heart so I can love more like you, and love all mankind like you want me to? At times I love me more than others, and this impacts my different shaded sisters and brothers. Please reset my heart so strangers I will warmly embrace and greet, and next I pray that you reset my feet.

Lord, reset my feet so I can walk on the path of righteousness and not stray, cover me with your grace and mercy so in your favor I will stay?  

Lord, reset my tongue to speak praises and give thanks in your holy name, fixing my tongue to only speak truths and never to bring you shame.

Lord, reset ME to be a vision of you and have my actions to honorable, faithful, and true.

Teach Us…

Dear God during this period of isolation teach us to use the time for reflection and meditation, and as we ponder on the God we trust, we will see more of You and less of us.

God teach us how to love ourselves, as You did before our birth, not because of earthly success but because of our inherent worth. Father teach us to love all people without condition, and that protecting the underserved is our constant mission.

Lord teach us how to love You again, and follow daily the example of your Son, doing so now until Your kingdom comes.

Father teach us that the glory of life isn’t connected to financial wealth, but true happiness and peace of mind comes from spiritual health.

Oh, creator of the universe, teach us how to control our flesh and our tongue by living and speaking like Jesus Christ your beloved, sacrificial Son. Teach us all these wonderful things so we can walk once more in your ways, and when the “rapture” comes we will look upon your marvelous gaze.

Intercessor for The Oppressor

God, I pray for an intercessor for my oppressor, the one who abuses my kindness and takes it for weakness.  Please intercede and correct their exploitative actions.

God, I pray for an intercessor for my oppressor, the one who calls themselves a child of yours while mentally and verbally abusing me daily in our home. Please intercede on my behalf.

God, I pray for an intercessor for my oppressor, the one who claims to know your holy word and yet denies me food and shelter in times of unparalleled hardship. Please change their hearts.

God, I pray for an intercessor for my oppressor, the one who touts justices, fairness, and equality, yet blocks access for me to have these things, because I don’t look or think like them.  Please align their thinking with yours.

God, I pray that my oppressor sees that within them is the essence of the original sin, that of failing to love you enough to love your very creation…ME.  God I pray that my oppressor, the one who bullies, abuses power, denies resources, and continues to restrict human kindness knows that they too are oppressed by the evil one and freedom from his oppression is only a prayer away.  God forgive my oppressor and forgive me if I unwittingly may conduct myself in an oppressive manner towards others.  My goal is to love and to spread love, and to leave the judgment of others in your hands.  Amen.