Daily Prayer

November 22

Lament: Practice of Rest

Connie Pumphrey
  1. Goal: To practice stopping long enough to take in what is happening around us and how it should be impacting our lives.  

  2. What is needed for this practice:

    Time: In order to gain muscle memory for this practice, you may need to set aside time to utilize it.  Try 5 minutes to start, then go from there.  Eventually resting in the uncomfortable will become second nature. 

    Journal:  It can be helpful to write down the thoughts that pop up when resting.

  3. What to do:

    Stop, listen, and own the fact that bad things happen and it isn’t right. 

    Once you have set aside time to allow yourself to think about what is currently happening around you (in the world, in the nation, in your neighborhood, in your family),  asking some of these questions may be helpful to begin resting in the uncomfortable.  

    Where are atrocities occurring?  

    Where do you see people in pain?  

    Where do you see injustice?  

    What do you feel about what you are seeing and hearing? 

    Where is justification being used to camouflage legitimate pain?  

    What areas of life are you avoiding because they are uncomfortable?  

    Who are you avoiding because they make you feel uncomfortable?  

    What activities do you use to hide from uncomfortable things?  

    Why do you fear uncomfortable situations? 

    What gifts come from uncomfortable beginnings? 

    Has my trust in the Lord waivered?

    Where do I feel hopeless? 

    Passages that use the Language of Lament:

  4. – Psalm 13

  5.  – Psalm 22

  6.  – Psalm 42

  7.  – Psalm 69

  8.  – The book of Lamentations

    Noteworthy Mentions: 

    *Maybe some of us need to acknowledge that we are unable to hear the pain of others because we haven’t faced the pain in our own lives.  So, for you, Resting might first look like sitting in your own pain and facing it.  Once you are able to do that, then you are ready to feel the weight of the world’s groaning. 


    Four Steps of Lament, a blog by Heidi Weaver

    Prophetic Lament by Soong-Chan Rah

    Reconciling All Things by Emmanuel Katongole & Chris Rice