Daily Prayer

November 15

There is nothing better than you

Hannah Almond

This prayer was born from many hours spent in the book of Isaiah. The words of Scripture were so compelling that I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind. Allow these words to guide you to consider your own relationship with God. There are so many things that compete for our attention in this world. It is always good to remember that He is our everything.

Christ Jesus, we honor you. You are the King of all, the promised savior, the sacrificial lamb. We, who are nothing, were adopted as sons and daughters by your perfect grace and steadfast love. We are nothing without you because you are everything. You are the King of all Kings, the Prince of Peace, the branch of Jesse. You are he who has swallowed up death forever[1], who makes the sun stand ashamed and the moon dismayed[2]. There is nothing better than you.

Yet, we turn from you to find pleasure in our own ways. All day long you have held out your hands to an obstinate people[3]. You have revealed yourself and still we say, “anything is better than you.” We dig a hole for ourselves to fall into saying, “It is not so deep! We will prevail!” Where then, are the gods we made for ourselves?[4] Shall they come save us?

In the midst of all, you have called us by name. Your incredible holiness has sanctified us, your steadfast love redeemed us.  We who were broken are now whole, who were poor are now rich, who were forgotten are now chosen. For behold, you have appointed us as prophets to the nations and made us ministers of our God.[5] There is nothing better than you.

Send us to bind up the brokenhearted and loose the chains of injustice[6]. Strengthen our hearts to go the extra mile. Restore our spirits and fill our cups to overflowing. We have found the pearl of great price, the hidden treasure[7] in the field. We have found what is good! Be our EVERYTHING, because there is nothing better than you.

And when trial comes, let us not be afraid;

For there is nothing better than you.

And when our cross becomes too heavy, share the yoke with us;

For there is nothing better than you.

And when our call is to die, lift our eyes to heaven;

For there is nothing better than you.

And when we stand before the throne, give us a song of praise;

For there is NOTHING better than you.

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