Daily Prayer

November 13

In the Image of God

Ryan Goude

I imagine at one point throughout this year we have all felt overwhelmed within our ministry contexts as we have adapted to Covid life. For some of us, we might have felt ill-equipped and lacking the necessary experience to lead during this new season of life. While skills, experience, and training are all incredibly valuable for leaders to possess, the first qualification for leaders the Bible stresses is character.

As Israel was entering into a renewed relationship with God, it was time to select a leader who would shepherd the returned exiles so that they would not repeat the sins of the previous generations. Nehemiah chose his brother, Hanani, not due to his education or experience, but because he feared God more than anyone else. “Ministry leaders are unique because character defines their qualification to lead. The biblical qualifications for leadership stress character more than skill, education, or experience.”[1] When the answers to our ministry questions are not clear, godly character will help us navigate through the uncertainty while remaining faithful to God.

This is a great season to try creative things, develop our skills, and learn new things, but do not miss out on the character God wants to grow in you. Take some time and reflect on these holy character traits: Integrity (Prov 11:3), Security (Eph. 1:13), Purity (Ps 119:9), Humility (Phil. 2:3), Servanthood (Mt. 20:25-28), Wisdom (James 3:17), Discipline (Hebrews 12:11), Courage (Joshua 1:9), and Passion (Col. 3:23).

  •  – Which of these do you see God growing you in?
  •  – When was there a time when God walked you through a situation that produced godly character in your life?
  •  – What are current situations or distractions in life that are keeping you from embracing godly character?



“Heavenly Father, we ask you to reveal who You are to us and to change us more into Your image. Help us draw closer to You and leave behind the things we try to hold onto that keep us from You. Show us how You are working in our current circumstances to produces holy character in our lives. Grant us moments to display godly character to others for Your glory and for the good of others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

[1] Jeff Iorg, The Character of Leadership (Nashville: B&H Publishing, 2007), 17.