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ChurchPoint: A Cost-Effective Mobile App for Your Church

Tom York, Will York, and Gary Long

Join Gary Long, BGAV's chief marketing officer, as he hosts Tom York and Will York to introduce you to the affordable new mobile app available for your church through BGAV.

Cultivating Communities on Mission

JR Woodward and Eun Strawser

Collectively and individually our lives are a letter—a poem—shaped by God and sent to those we encounter in our everyday lives. We are God's masterpiece, sent to bear witness to God's love and grace to those we rub shoulders with (or should we say touch elbows with?). We are letters of hope, to meet the primal longings of those in the neighborhood and networks to whom God has sent us. In our time together, we will explore what discipleship and mission in the context of community look like in our unique time.

Encouragement Through Listening:
Applying Crisis Care Principles in the Local Church

Kristen Curtis and Glenn Maddox

When ministering to someone in crisis, one of the greatest tools we have is a listening ear. Whether we are responding to a community devastated by a storm, or an individual weathering the storms of life, our ability to listen may be the best gift we can offer. Participants will explore the skill of encouragement through listening, an element of Disaster Response Crisis Care Training, as a principle we can apply in our own communities as we minister to people in crisis.

More than Egalitarian: Bridging the Gap between Good Values and Great Teams

Missio Alliance

Is your church or organization a place that holds women in leadership as a high value? GREAT! Navigating how to create cultures that promote the flourishing of women and men in ministry leadership together can still be tricky. Join Rob Dixon, author of Together in Ministry; Tracey Bianchi, director of Northern Seminary's Center for Women in Leadership; and Lisa Rodriguez-Watson, national director of Missio Alliance, in this breakout session to discuss why good values can still fall short of the flourishing that God intends for women in ministry, and how to create cultures that promote whole team flourishing. .

How to Read the Bible

Jim Somerville

January 2022 Bible Study
Dr. Jim Somerville, Pastor of Richmond’s First Baptist Church says, “My mother used to read the Bible like a cookbook; if it said two cups of sugar then that’s what it meant. But the Bible is not a cookbook. It’s a library of 66 books written in eight different genres and three different languages. It’s going to take some time to sort it out…”

Mental Health Concerns with the Continued Covid Pandemic

Nona Pucket, RN, MS, LPC

Doing church in a trauma-ridden world will demand a new skill set for church leaders. In this session, we will give language to the psychological and spiritual tensions in a post-COVID world. We will explore how church leaders can prepare to meet the needs of its members towards mental wellness.

Embracing the Disruption:
How the Current Season is Good News for the Church

Jim Baucom and Gannon Sims

We often spend our time trying to hold on to what we've got when what we really need is the courage to let go. The pandemic season has taken a lot, but it's also given us an opportunity to get clear on the signs of the times and to discover who we are (and whose we are) in the process. Once we're secure in that identity, we'll gain the courage to make disciples and try new things.

Mobilizing Your Digital Church

Tim Holt and Gary Long

Join Gary Long. BGAV's chief marketing officer, and Tim Holt from First Door Marketing as he answers questions about the what, why, and how of Digital Church mobilization.


Say Hello to AXIS: A Network for Ministry Training

Kathy Kruschwitz

AXIS is a new BGAV offering that provides high quality, accessible, and affordable practical ministry education for church leaders. Whether you’re a church staff member seeking continuing education or a lay leader being trained for the first time, AXIS has a path for you. In this breakout session you’ll meet Kathy Kruschwitz, program coordinator for AXIS. Come discover our structure, explore our course offerings, and ask questions. Pastors, this is a great resource to share with your leaders!

Nicaragua: A New Partnership with Food for the Hungry

Craig Waddell, Dennis Mahoney, and Jordan Gustafson

Join our discussion as we discover some fresh, exciting opportunities for your congregation to become involved with our new partner in Nicaragua. Our common goal is to graduate communities from extreme poverty with the power of the Gospel through long term community development strategies.  Your participation in this long-term partnership is vital to its success, and we look forward to having you join us!

Spiritual Health and Wellness

Rev. Dr. Jenny Call, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

In a time of high stress and exhaustion, VBWIM invites you to nurture your spiritual well-being through engaging in supportive discussion and practices for spiritual renewal.