As part of Missions Monday, we’ll have two breakout session times on Monday afternoon. Additionally, we will also have two breakout sessions on Tuesday afternoon for a total of four content breakout session times during the annual meeting.

Missions Monday afternoon, November 11:

Session #1 and #2 Breakouts (all are repeated sessions)

focus:refugees in Lebanon: Responding to the needs of the most vulnerable
In a country where a third of its population are refugees, it seems impossible that a small family of Baptist churches could make an impact. But God likes to take small things and make immeasurably more than we can imagine.   Come hear how a family of churches with limited resources is holistically addressing the reality of its community. They are extremely active in their communities and taking bold actions for the Kingdom of God.
led by Alia Abboud, Director of Development and Public Relations for the Lebanese Society for Education and Development

focus:refugees in Virginia: Loving your neighbor and strengthening the community
All across the Commonwealth there are people who are sharing life with the vulnerable people in their communities. ReEstablish Richmond is a non-profit that helps “refugees establish roots, build community, and become self-sufficient”.   We will share how Virginia Baptists can put their love into action by supporting this organization or create their own ministry.   It is an effective way to “love your neighbor” and make a Kingdom difference in the community.
led by Kate Ayers, Executive Director of ReEstablish Richmond

Tradition + Innovation = Fresh Expressions of Church
We need each other. That’s what the Apostle Paul meant when he said that we are one body and many parts. This one body, like the body of Christ is poured out for the sake of world. How do we embrace our history and tradition as the body of Christ while pouring ourselves out for those right outside our doorstep who don’t know that the body of Christ is what they’re looking for? Come and learn how fresh expressions of church can help your church to reach people your church wouldn’t otherwise reach!
led by Gannon Sims, Director of Ministry Formation for Fresh Expressions US

Following the Spirit into His Mission
The landscape of the church in North America looks more different than it ever has.  As leaders are asking questions of the future in their own context, we cannot lose the importance that multiplication plays—not just as a thought for tomorrow, but rather, the fuel for today.  Though our multiplication efforts must look different than yesteryear, the Spirit is moving. We must learn how to follow into His Mission.
led by Michael Pumphrey, Coordinator and Missional Coach for V3

Status of the Global Church
While there are many parts of the world where Christianity is suffering and losing ground, that does not seem to represent the majority of what is happening in the world.  The church is growing by leaps and bounds in many areas of the world.  Come and hear stories about this growth and how we might be able to capitalize on that growth for the sake of our own corner of the globe.
led by Elijah Brown, General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance

Future Thinking About the Church
Demographics and other key indicators and trends are pretty clear and will play significant roles in the make-up of the church in the very near future.  But, many church leaders and others don’t seem to have a clear picture of how to move forward.  Come and hear how these current and future trends will no doubt shape the future of our churches.
led by Matt Thornhill, Futurist and Managing Partner with the INSTITUTE FOR TOMORROW®

Food Deserts Across Virginia
Virginia has its share of poverty and hunger which are being addressed in many ways.  One of the newer ways is to create affordable, healthy, profitable grocery stores in the Commonwealth’s “food deserts”.  Come and hear about The Market at 25th, a grocery store in the heart of downtown Richmond and how it is working to change the face of hunger in the region.  What other ways might we as a BGAV address hunger in our state?
led by Norm Gold,  long-time grocery store executive and former Director at FeedMore

Introduction to Disaster Response
Learn more about the Virginia Baptist Disaster Response ministry and how you and your church can become involved in this ongoing initiative.

Being the Church in Your Community
Hear more about Mountain View Church, which has partnered with local government and other organizations to open a ministry center to serve the community as a crisis intervention/drug rehab facility.

Tuesday afternoon, November 12:

Session #1 Breakouts

Executive Board & Budget Dialogue
Do you have questions of the BGAV Executive Board and/or about the 2020 budget? Come meet with BGAV leadership for a discussion and dialogue.
led by David Washburn, BGAV Treasurer; and Executive Board

Drawing the Net: How to Offer an Effective Invitation
The invitation time is one of the most important parts of the entire worship service. It is when people respond to the Word of God and make life-changing decisions. When offered clearly and boldly, it can be a powerful tool. In this session you will learn effective ways to draw the net, which can lead to greater response at the end of your message.
led by Roger Roller, BGAV Minister in Residence for Evangelism

Financial Solutions for Shrinking Church Budgets
Many factors result in church budgets that do not keep pace with church expenses. We will consider steps to not only do more with less, but to reverse shrinking church budget capacity.
led by Jeff Cranford, BGAV Minister in Residence for Church Finance

An unprecedented 70.8 million people around the world have been forced from home. Among them are nearly 25.9 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18. As the most recent refugee crisis has unfolded in Europe and the Middle East, many of our partners within the European Baptist Federation (EBF) have responded with grace and great energy. Through our partnerships with them, we have an opportunity to learn, to listen deeply, and to engage. Already we can see how often small Baptist Unions can make huge impacts, witness God’s love for the stranger in action, and experience how the refugee crisis is more often an opportunity to grow God’s Kingdom. In focus:refugees, you will learn how you can support and become involved in refugee ministry in Lebanon, Bosnia, Austria, and Virginia. Dr. Alia Abboud will share firsthand about the situation in Lebanon, where she is the Director of Development and Public Relations for the Lebanese Society for Education and Development.
led by Craig Waddell, BGAV Partnership and Short-Term Volunteer Coordinator

Foster Care and the Church
Virginia has over 5,200 children who are in the foster care system through no fault of their own. Of these children, on any given day, over 850 are legally free for adoption and are waiting for their forever family. The rest of the children need a loving, safe, and supportive foster family to care for them while they wait to go home to their biological families. Believing the answer to the foster care crisis is the Church, how can we create a place and ministry to step into these hard places and change the narrative?

Wrapping around foster and adoptive families is critical to their success. We’ll talk about how to come alongside those in the foster/adoptive community and serve them in ways that point to the provision, love and care of Jesus and how to become a ministry that your community relies on to provide practical resources, support, and hope while stepping into the lives of vulnerable children and families.

We will look at how 80 area churches in Richmond are working together and how your church might be able to use some of the tools and connections available to all of us to bring a foster care ministry to life in your context.
led by Katie Vance Lucas, longtime children’s minister

How Faith Grows: Children Grow and Develop According to God’s Design
If we could better understand how children are learning, growing, and thinking, how might that affect our approach to nurturing them in their faith? Join us for a discussion of childhood development, including cognitive, moral, and faith development theories, which will help us to better meet the learning needs of the children God has placed in our care.
led by Kim Eskridge, BGAV Minister in Residence for Children’s Ministry

God spoke through Jeremiah during one of the most tumultuous times in Israel’s history. This breakout will give a thorough overview of the primary message of Jeremiah, including his famous Temple Sermon. We’ll also look at the Call of Jeremiah, his use of prophetic symbolism, and his candid and revealing confessions.
led by Bob Moore, BGAV Field Strategist

Legal Issues in the Church #1
led by Erika E. Cole, Whiteford Taylor Preston, LLP

“Lobbying” is Not a Dirty Word
Hear a report on the lobbying efforts opposing Senate Bill 1502 during Virginia’s legislative session in February. If passed, SB 1502 would have authorized public schools to teach the Old and New Testaments as an elective. Then learn about ways to effectively lobby your legislators and how to join a lobbying network for religious liberty among Virginia Baptists.
led by Shelton Miles, BGAV lobbyist; Jonathan Davis, Pastor, Beale Memorial Baptist Church, Tappahannock, VA; and David Bailey, David Bailey Associates

Small Groups 
Has your teaching in Sunday School become monotonous? Would you like ideas to get class members excited? Come join me as we discuss creative teaching methods in Sunday school! We will examine the best ways for your students to learn and creative learning approaches.
led by Tony Brooks, BGAV Field Strategist

The Art of Neighboring
“The Art of Neighboring” is the book that NorthStar is following in helping churches with their outreach efforts to their communities. It is a simple system that anyone in a congregation can use to reach others for Christ and invite attendance.
led by Michele Husfelt, NorthStar Church Network and Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC)

The Latino Network Presents: Lessons from the Past that Help Us Plan for the Future
led by German Prado, Iglesia Bautista la Hermosa, Alexandria, VA

What You Can Expect from Deacons
The number-one issue facing deacons is meeting expectations from pastors and church members. In this session, we’ll look at how to address this issue with clarity in a way that will set deacons free to be the servant leaders they were called to be.
led by Tom Stocks, BGAV Minister in Residence for Deacon Ministry and Senior Pastor of Bon Air Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

Youth Need Issacharites
Too often in today’s world we spend a lot of time and energy looking for the next “thing” to attract teens to our churches and are frustrated when they don’t show up or the turnout is small. Maybe what they need are “Issacharites.” Together we’ll discover how understanding the times will transform how we do ministry with students.
led by Danny Quirin, BGAV Minister in Residence for Youth Ministry

Session #2 Breakouts

African-American Fellowship of Virginia: Orientation (facilitated by Robert Lee)
An introduction to the ministry of the African-American Fellowship, who we are, and what we’re doing in advancing our Father’s Kingdom. In this session we discuss our history with Virginia Baptists and ministry opportunities that we currently offer such as Preaching Camps, Associate Pastors Training, and a Church Leadership Conference. We are also involved with glocal mission projects.
led by Robert Lee, Collinswood-Agape Baptist Church, Portsmouth, VA

Baptist Women in Ministry—Tell the Story
We will tell our stories of ministry to encourage one another as we all seek to tell God’s Story.
led by Nancy Hauser, AtHome Care Hospice; and Nancy Stanton McDaniel, Virginia Baptist Women in Ministry (VBWIM)

Christian Life Commission Presents: Addressing the Opioid Crisis
Dr. Farmer wants to take you through the history of one church’s calling to be a part of the solution to the opioid crisis within the state of Ohio. As they ventured out with this program in 2008 they were certain of three things: Jesus is the ultimate answer for the addict; the local church is called and empowered to minister to the drug addict in the name of Jesus; and this crisis touches every family in their city, inside and outside the church. These certainties drove them to begin the work. Over the next ten years, the church began to shape a program that has transformed and continues to transform the lives of hundreds of opiate addicts and their families. Dr. Farmer’s hope is that through this presentation other churches might find the inspiration they need to begin their own work in their own towns. If not God’s people, then who?
led by Rick Farmer, Bluefield College

Coaching: So What’s The Big Deal? Why Every Pastor and Church Leader Needs a Coach
So what’s the big deal about coaching? How can you benefit from a coaching experience and relationship? Several Virginia Baptist pastors and leaders have cultivated intentional relationships with a leadership coach, and you can also. Come and learn how you might benefit from exploring a coaching relationship this next year. Also, see how you use coaching skills every day, and how you can learn to take a coach approach in key relationships with other leaders in your church.
led by Ken Kessler, BGAV Empower Coach

Creating a Discipleship Culture
In this breakout session we will explore ways that we can create a culture of discipleship in our churches. The focus will be on creating an organic approach to discipleship rather than many of the traditional approaches to discipleship which are program based, institutionally shaped, and volunteer driven. This session is designed to encourage fresh conversation and new insights concerning the original mandate to make disciples.
led by Brian Williams, BGAV Field Strategist

Kairos – Collegiate/Young Adult Ministries
In a time when one’s sense of personal identity, purpose, and place of belonging feel increasingly fragmented, how does the church equip young adults to live fully integrated lives? During this session, we will explore what it looks like for the church to engage, equip, and empower young adults to lead in their communities with confidence and compassion.
led by Welford Orrock, BGAV Kairos Initiative

Legal Issues in the Church #2
led by Erika E. Cole, Whiteford Taylor Preston, LLP

“Lobbying” is Not a Dirty Word
Hear a report on the lobbying efforts opposing Senate Bill 1502 during Virginia’s legislative session in February. If passed, SB 1502 would have authorized public schools to teach the Old and New Testaments as an elective. Then learn about ways to effectively lobby your legislators and how to join a lobbying network for religious liberty among Virginia Baptists.
led by Shelton Miles, BGAV lobbyist; Jonathan Davis, Pastor, Beale Memorial Baptist Church, Tappahannock, VA; and David Bailey, David Bailey Associates

Making Good Preaching Better
Preachers and laypeople who are occasionally called upon to preach or to give a testimony will benefit from this breakout session on the basics of good preaching and guidance on ways to take the next step forward in making one’s public speaking more effective. The importance of a devotional life and a devotional approach to the Bible are foundational to Spirit-filled preaching. Ways to choose a text and how to create an outline from the text that makes the message clear is also essential. Good preachers become better when they build on the basics and come to understand and embrace the importance of the affective or feeling or emotional element that preaching needs in order to have an impact on the congregation. For example, in good preaching a person in the pew learns about hope, but better preaching happens when the person in the pew leaves the service filled with hope.
led by Dr. William H. Smith, President, John Leland Center for Theological Education

Multi-cultural Ministry
Virginia is a state with many people from other countries and other cultural backgrounds who are both naturalized citizens and aspiring citizens. They have needs, and many churches may have more to offer to them than they have thought about in the past. This session offers ideas regarding their needs and ways to assist.
led by Lily Dobson and Hector Velasquez, NorthStar Church Network

Revitalizing the Church
Has your church begun to plateau or decline? Come join me as we discuss revitalizing your church. We will examine some of the causes and solutions for your church to move forward. Every church should seek some type of renewal every three to five years.
led by Tony Brooks, BGAV Field Strategist

Sunday School as a Strategy
The church has a mission – the Great Commission. But the church needs a strategy to accomplish that mission. Enter Sunday School! Sunday School is not a weekly event that takes place at the church each Lord’s Day. Neither is Sunday School just another program. Sunday School is a strategy that when properly utilized will provide Great Commission results!
led by Allan Taylor, Director of Sunday School & Church Education Ministry, LifeWay Christian Resources

The Gospel Dilemma: The Letter to Philemon
Philemon is the only letter of Paul that is addressed concurrently to individuals—primarily Philemon—and the church that meets at his house (vv. 1-2). Contrary to traditional interpretation, the focus in this letter is not on the pros and cons of slavery as an institution. Rather, it is about the crisis the gospel creates in Philemon’s life. As a believer, Philemon can no longer live simultaneously in the old realm in which he is master over a slave, and in the new realm of brothers and sisters “in Christ.” Like Philemon, the gospel confronts us with the ultimate reality: “For in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith…There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal 3:26-28). Don’t miss this new perspective on the Letter to Philemon!
led by Daniel Dapaah, Associate Professor of Divinity,  John Leland Center for Theological Studies, and Associate Pastor, Parkwood Baptist Church, Annandale, VA

What Jesus Taught About Evangelism
In this breakout we will take a look at John chapter 4 and the principles our Lord taught us about sharing our faith as he talked to the woman at the well. Those same principles apply in our witnessing encounters today.
led by Roger Roller, BGAV Minister in Residence for Evangelism