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Stay Curious: The Future of Race Relations

How have you responded to racial justice issues during the last 6 months? By reading books and articles? Asking God to reveal hidden issues in your heart and mind so you can repent and lament? Engaging in conversations with people of different racial or ethnic backgrounds? Perhaps you want to take next steps but don’t know what to do or how to do it. Our session will feature the story of Pastor Vernon Gordon, The Life Church, and Pastor Brian Hughes, Passion Community Church, as they navigate the complexities of race and culture while helping their congregations understand God’s perspective so they can do something about it. Their story will inspire you to stay curious about the next steps you can take toward racial justice.


Roger McGee & Timothy Bailey
Learn how to handle music and worship during this unprecedented time, led by Roger McGee. Roger –as the Worship & Music Pastor at First Baptist Church of Alexandria, VA–knows that online worship isn’t going away even after the pandemic era. He and his team have learned a lot about how to do it more effectively, and they want to share from their experience.

Igniting your Next Gen Ministries During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lora Gravatt

Can we take a moment to be honest? The whole world has been on the struggle bus since the start of the pandemic. Doing Next Gen ministry in this environment is more than hard and there have not been a lot of successes, not because you haven’t invested significant amounts of time, energy, blood, sweat and literal tears to make the quick pivots in an ever changing environment from a virtual platform. You have! But you find yourself in a place where you are needing to take a deep breath, take stock of where you’ve been, and add a few tools to a toolbox you didn’t know you needed. If this is you, come join us for one or both sessions as we discuss the trends we are seeing in the church, some lessons learned, and add some fuel back into your ministry fire so we can engage and connect with kids and students (and their families!) who desperately need you.


Issues of Race Among Virginia Baptists Throughout Our History

Virginia Baptist Historical Society
Nathan Taylor, executive director of the Virginia Baptist Historical Society and the Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies, leads this presentation examining various issues related to race which Virginia Baptists have confronted throughout their history. We'll focus especially on the earlier periods of Virginia Baptist life, as we reflect on the tensions of struggling for freedom of conscience in a society in which all were not free. We'll look at how churches and church leaders responded to slavery, and consider how these responses have shaped Baptist life and our broader communities to the present.

Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership in the Midst of Crisis

Missio Alliance
We’ve all heard these flight attendants’ instructions: “Should there be a change in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. If you are traveling with a child, please put your own mask on first before helping the child with their mask.” The truth communicated here is that if we don’t make sure we are connected to the source of life and breath for ourselves, we won’t be much help to anyone else! In this thoughtful conversation, Ruth Haley Barton will help us explore how a leader can be strengthened at the soul level, even in the midst of crisis, so we can continue to be a source of life for others.

Structuring the Life of Your Church for Movement

V3 Church Planting Movement
We are experiencing the most significant disruption in at least a generation. The epidemic, the systemic racial injustice, and the deepening economic difficulties call for the church to move discipleship from the periphery to the center of what we do. If we want to be faithful to the Great Commission that Jesus gave us to "make disciples of all nations baptizing them into the Trinitarian life," then the church needs to move from being a religious industrial complex that multiplies consumers of religious goods and services, to becoming a movement of Jesus people who have a sustaining faith, a stubborn hope and a love which seeks the common good of our neighborhoods and cities. Come explore how to structure your church for movement.

Fresh Expressions: How not to waste a crisis

Fresh Expressions US & Tod Bolsinger
Canoeing the Mountains author Tod Bolsinger will challenge us not to waste this crisis. He'll discuss the importance of leading wholeheartedly in these times using a process of Adaptive Change--a way of leading that helps congregations move along at just the right speed. He'll preview and invite a team from your church to apply for an adaptive church leadership cohort that he's leading along with Shannon Kiser and the Fresh Expressions team.

Pastoral self-care during the pandemic

Dan Bagby & Roberta Damon
Dan Bagby and Roberta Damon bring their pastoral care gifts to the table as they take seriously the journey and experience of both clergy and laypeople who today are struggling with how to care for themselves while they care for others. You will be blessed as you hear this discussion of how ministers and leaders can deal with the personal challenges of stress, anxiety, and depression which the pandemic has brought.

Pastors Unplugged

David Washburn and Panel of BGAV Pastors
David Washburn moderates a panel of BGAV pastors as they share some of their funniest experiences. Hank Brooks (Coastal Community Church, Virginia Beach), Brian Hughes (Passion Community Church, Powhatan), Tom Stocks (Bon Air Baptist Church, Richmond), Dale Seley (Salem Baptist Church, Fredericksburg) reflect on some of their funniest experiences. Prepare to laugh as you hear these pastors share some of their more memorable--and humorous--pastoral moments!